Star Wars Track

Arguably no greater visionary exists today than George Lucas, creator of Star Wars. In much the same way as Star Trek, Star Wars has touched and left an impact on our culture as few things have. More fantasy based than Star Trek, the worlds created by Lucas go straight to the human condition using all the tools of mythology to inspire a better tomorrow and a better us. Illustrating how technology can be used for good as well as evil and that both good and evil are choices that rest within each of us.

In our Star Wars track, we will explore all of these aspects and more with authors of the books, people who have worked on the movies/TV shows, and possibly, a representative from Lucas Films.

Star Wars Track Programming Schedule

A downloadable program schedule with all tracks listings as well as facility maps can be found here!

501st & Rebel Legion Recruitment

Fri 5:30 PM Room 4

Come here about the 501st and Rebel Legion and learn how to join.

501st & Rebel Legion

Jedi Mind Meld

Fri 7:00 PM Room 4

The Star Trek vs. Star Wars panel. Which would survive in a head to head fight, Enterprise vs.

Executor, Captain Kirk vs. Han Solo, and Captain Picard vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi? Come to this

panel and be ready for the fight of our lives! Phasers and Light Sabers will be checked at the


501st & Rebel Legion

Seth Cosby

MarkAdam Miller

Robert Ring

Jeremy Roberts

Star Wars Costuming: Tips from the Experts

Sat 10:00 AM Room 1

Come join us to learn costuming tips and sources from the experts.

501st & Rebel Legion

Disney & Star Wars: What Does the Future Hold?

Sat 4:00 PM Room 4

A panel led discussion on the implications of the future of Star Wars under Disney. Come share

your thoughts and ideas.

Stan Daniel

Joshua Rackley

Robert Ring

Infectious Designer: Lightsabers, Youtube and Fan Films.

Sat 5:30 PM Room 3

The local folks at InfectiousDesigner share their experiences in making the Star Wars Fan Film,

CONCRETE HUSTLE. Come hear the do’s and don’ts of making a fan film.

Brian Curtain

Mat Powell

Darth Sidious: Success or Failure

Sun 1:00 PM Room 4

Please join us for a roundtable discussion on Darth Sidious. Did he succeed in fulfilling Darth

Bane’s vision? If not, what went wrong? Come ready to share your point of view on this pivotal,

but mysterious character.

Matt Watts